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Better Home Products UK

The Auto Pop up Airer is the perfect portable drying device. It can be used in all sorts of location.

With its 20m of drying space its the perfect size for a couple of wash loads.

Welcome to the Brand New Multi-purpose portable Pop up airer.

The truly portable device can be used on a patio, decking, garden, indoors and why not take it caravanning and camping.

To use just simply grasp the operating handle and apply downwards pressure until it locks into position. To unlock simply squeeze the handle and lift up to close.

There are 17 metres of 3mm PVC coated polyester line which can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

At the end of each arm is a hole through which you can pass a coat hanger - thus enabling you to minimise ironing for shirts and blouses. It also has holes in each of the feet to allow the tent pegs which are included to securely fix it to the ground. It also comes with a handy carry bag for easy storage and transportation and a New Sock Clip for additional drying space for your small garments.

All Better products are manufactured in our own factories to the highest standards and are packed full of features that make them easy to use and install.

Manufactured from heavy gauge Aluminium, it will give you many years of reliable service.

It's worth mentioning that we insure all our deliveries as well!

And remember, by choosing to dry your washing naturally, you are helping the environment and reducing your energy costs.

WARNING: Do not use this rotary in adverse weather conditions as this will void your guarantee.

Better Home Products UK Ltd does not recommend the application of a 'drying canopy' on any of their outdoor dryer range. Use of such will void any guarantees.
Note: we are constantly seeking to improve our products and the actual product may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

Height: 1350mm / 4ft 4'' approx.

Depth: 777mm / 2ft 5" approx.

Width: 650mm / 2ft 1" approx.

Loaded Weight: 21kg evenly spaced or 3 wash loads

Colour: Black Frame & Fittings in Green

All our rotary washing lines come with...


All our rotary airers are supplied with a plastic ground socket or metal ground spike that provides a good, strong anchor point for your airer as they must be set in concrete. Please check product image and product description for further details.


All our rotary airers are supplied with at least a 2-year guarantee, check individual products for details.


Visit our website www.rotarycareline.co.uk for 24/7 answers to common trouble shoot queries that arise with rotary airers.


Your rotary airer has been produced by the worlds largest manufacturer of rotary washing lines who supply over 60% of the UK market.

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