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Pop Up Airer

EU design registration no. 007818638-001
EU design registration no. 007818638-002
UK design registration no. 9007818638-001
UK design registration no. 9007818638-002

Patents Granted

Expanding Tower Airer

European Patent No. 2905372
UK Patent No. 2522489

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Pop Up Airer

European patent application no. 20170233.9

Telescopic Rotary Airer

Utility model application no. 202120919221.4 / design (invention) application 202110477726.4


- Better 3094940
- BetterDri 3094943
- BetterKleen 3094945
- BetterPrep 3101124
- BetterWipe 3094946
- Builders EPC 3024462
- Dry Natural 3345109
- GentleGrip 2402944
- Laundry Master 3300239
- Pop Up 3441569
- RotaBrella 3497406
- RotaSpin 2402943
- RotoSpin 3563250
- SuperSpin 2402945
- Vento 3173613
- Whirligig 3337296

All our rotary washing lines come with...


All our rotary airers are supplied with a plastic ground socket or metal ground spike that provides a good, strong anchor point for your airer as they must be set in concrete. Please check product image and product description for further details.


All our rotary airers are supplied with at least a 2-year guarantee, check individual products for details.


Visit our website for 24/7 answers to common trouble shoot queries that arise with rotary airers.


Your rotary airer has been produced by the worlds largest manufacturer of rotary washing lines who supply over 60% of the UK market.

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