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45M 4 ARM ROTARY WASHING LINE - Includes Socket


This product is currently out of stock. Please telephone us on 01948 660 335 if you want to place an order and we can give you an expected delivery date

45 metre rotary washing line, ideal for medium to larger size families who need more drying and airing space.


3mm PVC coated polyester line.

It's fitted with 45 metres of high quality PVC coated polyester line and is locked open by means of a simple 4 stage umbrella style lock.

Like all our rotary washing lines, it comes with a FREE ground socket.

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel, like all our rotaries, it will give you many years of reliable service.

WARNING -Do not use this rotary in adverse weather conditions as this will void your guarantee.

Color: Dark Green Steel Frame with Silver Line, Black Plastic Fittings and Ground Socket

Turning Circle: 2 metres

Centre Pole Diameter: 32mm

Full assembly and operation instructions are included.

Better Home Products UK Ltd does not recommend the application of a 'drying canopy' on any of their outdoor dryer range. Use of such will void any guarantees.
Note: we are constantly seeking to improve our products and the actual product may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

All our rotary washing lines come with...

Ground Sockets

All our rotary airers are supplied with a plastic ground socket that provide a good, strong anchor point for your airer as they must be set in concrete.


All our rotary airers are supplied with a guarantee, check individual products for details.

Online Support

Visit our website for 24/7 answers to common trouble shoot queries that arise with rotary airers.

Peace of Mind

Your rotary airer has been produced by the worlds largest manufacturer of rotary washing lines who supply over 60% of the UK market.

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