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How to install a Ground Spike for a Rotary Washing Line

The following step-by-step guide will show you how to install your Ground Spike*, ready for installing your Rotary Washing Line.

What do I need?

In addition to your Ground Spike, you will need:

  • A Spade
  • A Bag of Post Mix Concrete
  • A Spirit Level
  • Some Water
  • Gloves & Goggles (optional)

Step one: dig a hole

The first thing to do is to dig a hole. This needs to be the same depth as your Ground Spike and about a spade’s width wide.

Step one: dig a hole

Step two: insert the Ground Spike

Place the Ground Spike vertically into the hole with the spike pointing downwards.

Step two: insert the Ground Spike

Step three: add the Post Mix Concrete

Next, you need to fill the hole around the spike so that it is fixed firmly and permanently into position. To do this, pour in the Post Mix Concrete, whilst holding the spike in place with your other hand.

Step three: add the Post Mix Concrete

Step four: check that it’s level

When the concrete has been added, use your spirit level to ensure that the Ground Spike is upright and vertical. This is really important.

Step four: check that it's level

Step five: add water

When you’re satisfied that the spike is vertical, begin adding water and the Post Mix Concrete will start to set.

Step five: add water

Step six: check and adjust

Post Mix Concrete sets very quickly, usually within just 5-10 minutes, so you need to keep checking that your Ground Spike is absolutely level during the drying time. Make adjustments if required.

Step six: check and adjust

Step seven: check again

When the concrete is dry, check that there are no raised edges.**

Finally, you’re ready to install your new Rotary Washing Line!

Step seven: check again

Need more help?

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Home Laundry Company if you require any further help or advice on installing your Rotary Washing Line. Call 01948 660335 or email to talk to one of our team.

Ground Spike Installation Aid

Our optional Ground Spike – a three-vial plastic spirit level with elastic band for attaching to your upright Rotary Washing Line pole (pole to be inserted into spike during setting of concrete) – is also available for only £10.

By attaching this to your lower pole, you can ensure a perfectly vertical (1mm/1m accuracy) rotary washing line installation. Read more about the ground spike installation aid

Ground Spike Installation Aid

* All Home Laundry Company Rotary Washing Lines come with a FREE Ground Spike worth £11.99.
** Please note that the plastic cap shown here is not included with our Rotary Washing Lines.

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